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Mic qPCR and Myra Liquid Handling System



Mic uses a patented magnetic induction technology to heat samples and fan forced air for cooling, delivering fastest qPCR results. Back that up with a robust optical system that reads all channels simultaneously and running multichannel assays has never been quicker. The Mic qPCR cycler is available in either 2 or 4 channel models. Each channel uses an independent high intensity LED, photodetector and filter set combining together to give unparalleled detection performance. With a fixed optical path and no moving parts there is never any optical alignment or calibration required. No reference dyes or crosstalk compensation needed.




Myra introduces a perfectly seamless workflow between the Myra liquid handling system and Mic qPCR cycler. Best in class accuracy and precision of < 10% for 1 μL pipetting volumes. Myra will pipette even the smallest volumes reliably and consistently day-in, day-out. Combine this with a robust pipette head design optimized for multi-dispense and tip-reuse and your plates are loaded faster than you ever thought possible.