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GeneProof - Realtime PCR Detection Kits

All GeneProof PCR Kits are ready to use real-time PCR systems consisting of master reagents containing enzymes, buffers, primers and probes as well as an internal control, a positive control or a set of calibrators for quantitative analysis of target DNA / RNA.


GeneProof offers an extensive range of fully validated CE IVD certified kits for infectious diseases, genetic and oncogenetic markers, pharmacogenetics, thrombotic mutations, prenatal diagnostics as well as sample preparation and instrumentation.


Key Features and Benefits:


  • Complete, CE-IVD certified Kits
  • Fully validated on QCMD panels and clinical samples
  • Easy handling and PCR set-up with all PCR components provided in a single master mix
  • Consolidated cycling profiles and internal controls enable parallel testing of various targets / pathogens from a single sample
  • Available for most common real-time PCR instruments on the market
  • Validated with a number of extraction systems including GeneProof extraction kits
  • Long shelf life and various pack sizes (25, 50, 100) for convenience
  • Use of UNG to monitor / prevent carry-over contamination